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Education Programmes for Museums and Science Centres

Exciting, interactive science activities and programmes to enhance the educational content of museum and science centre exhibits.

Examples of our work are:

Let's Explain (Singapore Science Centre)

Developed specifically for the Singapore Science Centre, a course specifically designed for young science ambassadors, with activities like How does your dog smell?, The Tartan Cat, Take The Taste Test, Amazing Popcorn and How clean are your hands?...

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Copyright Nature

A programme to help teachers interpret the exhibition, together with worksheets for students...

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Mysterious Magic Science

Mysterious Magic Science accompanied the Harry Potter exhibition at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore when BoostEd developed several science busking activities to entertain the long queues waiting to enter the world of Hogwarts. The activities included, disappearing ribbons (ba...

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Snow Science

BoostEd created some chilly fun for students visiting Snow City in Singapore. Making ice pops without a freezer, cutting ice with wire and model ice burgs, were among the eight engaging activities developed for an exciting science-based educational programme. Local facilitators...

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