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Schools :

We develop and run highly interactive and practical education programmes for students and teachers CPD (continuing professional development) sessions, These are often written to enhance local curriculum delivery and are always fully supported with resources and training where required.  Examples of student events and courses are,  Rude Science (link to page),  Dr Evil’s Revenge (link to page) and “Sweet Science ” (link to page).  Teacher CPD includes “Science on a Shoe string” (link to page). 


A number of events have been developed for University Widening participation  departments these include The Trouble with Science is Ethics(link to page) and So You Want to be a Doctor? (link to page


Examples of our work are:

So You Want to be Doctor?

Find out whether you really want to be a doctor and what the alternatives are. Presented by a senior lecturer in Public Health Medicine, dentist and a former Senior Lecturer in Biomedicine and Health Authority Chief Executive, this course uses modern medical school teaching meth...

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The Trouble with Science is Ethics

This event is all about wrestling with the difficult issues of our day. Science is developing at such a rate that many of the firmly held views and beliefs of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents are being challenged and when you challenge beliefs and views moral and...

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Science on a Shoe String

If you can not buy the materails at your local supermarket then you can't use it in Science on a Shoestring. This course is principally designed for primary school teachers who are not science specialists. Teachers learn how to delivery exciting and real science based fun activ...

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Sweet Science

Why does chocolate melt in your mouth? Why does corn pop and Space Dust crackle? What makes some sweets sweet and some sharp to the taste? Why are marshmallows so fluffy? Test your tongue - molecules and flavours. Do experiments to find the answers to these and many more que...

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The Rude Science of the Human Body

The Rude Science of the Human Body Now with earwax experiment! In addition to scientifically measuring the sliminess of snot, we have now revised Rude Science to include building a giant boil and testing earwax for its efficiency at trapping particles. In addition, al...

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Dr Evil's Revenge

Dr Evil threatens to blow up the Houses of Parliament and our young (008) secret agents must stop him before the end of the school day. It's a race by groups of students to find Dr Evil. Students deduce Dr Evil's movements by using forensic tests to analyse evidence and draw con...

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