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Scientific interpretation

Science is exciting, but often difficult to understand.  It’s our job to explain science in everyday language without loosing its meaning, importance and relevance to our lives. 

Examples of our work are:

ThinkTank (Birmingham, UK)

Complete development Medicine Matters - modern medical techniques, including a, "Do-it-Yourself Hop replacement" operation! The Street - for younger visitors, explanation of the science of every day life, including a crash test simulation, a building site, mobile forensic sci...

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The Botanical Discovery Centre (Sharjah)

A comprehensive centre to explain how plants work and to recreate a walk through experience using living relative plants of the Creatious period of the dinosaurs....

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Children's Science Centre Singapore

Provision of education and training package for science centre staff and parents, based on child development stages, with on-site and extended activities....

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Let's Explain (Singapore Science Centre)

10 biologically based workshops for young scientists in science communication and science activities to enable them to demonstrate and discuss science on the exhibition floor and to transmit their enthusiasm and knowledge to others in schools....

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Sensation (Dundee, UK)

A whole 100+ exhibit science centre about human and animal senses. Complete development from concept to completion, including content and scripting....

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Quirky (Singapore Science Centre)

The science of unusual things. Science advice, scripting, development of an educational programme....

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Our Untamed Planet (Singapore Science Centre)

A Singaporean view of modern geology, including a simulated volcano and earth quake and hurricane. Development of interactives and screen based games. Developing scripts for some exhibits in conjunction with NUS Singapore...

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Uniquely You (Singapore Science Centre)

Modern biomedicine, including the basis of taste and smell, genetics and epigentics, inheritance, physiological measurement. Overall advice on content and development of a number of specific displays, including creation of interactive games. Ensuring the accuracy of data and le...

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Scientist for a Day (Singapore Science Centre)

Complete development from concept to installation, including content origination....

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Flight Theatre (Singapore Science Centre)

Complete development from concept to installation, including content origination...

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